contempora-euro-display5Optometry Office Furniture Creates a Showcase Effect!

Contempora and Euro 5 Displays are two of the most beautiful choices of display furniture for optical frames available for optometry offices in the today’s market place.

Each display has two things in common – they both do an exceptional job of presenting your patients with the frames you carry. They both use the Modular Display System to display the frames. Each display design looks distinctly unique and the displays offer two different levels of cost.

The Contempora Modular Display System

The Contempora display has a softer look, with a curved glass counter and matching curved light canopy. The suspended base unit contains four frame presentation trays and four storage drawers.
Two of the frame trays are under the glass counter, creating a showcase affect, and our Modular Display System  panel is framed by a beautiful, modern solid maple frame and suspended between the base storage unit and the light canopy.

Bring all those elements together and you have a light airy display unit, which is beautifully crafted and has an excellent capacity for frames.


The Euro 5 Modular Display System

The Euro 5 display, by contrast to the Contempora display, is a very substantial piece of optical furniture. Euro 5 is a verycontempora-euro-display linear display, it incorporates the essential aspects of the Contempora display, but has two additional and important elements.

To the left side of the Modular Display Panel is an eight inch by forty eight inch mirror and to the right side of the Modular Display System panel is a vertical locking Sunglass showcase.

Both the Contempora and Euro 5 display have a similar capacity, of up to 144 ophthalmic frames, but the Euro 5 display has an additional capacity for up to 15 high end frames or designer sunglasses.

Display Designer Sunglasses and Ophthalmic Frames Together and MAKE MULTIPLE SALES!

euro-displayThis is a very important benefit of the Euro 5 display and represents new thinking on where to display Designer Sunglasses. The Euro 5 displays promote sunglass sales and create a great opportunity to sell both the ophthalmic frame and the sunglass.

Take a designer frame line you carry and display the ophthalmic frames for that brand, beautifully identified with the posters and POP material, in amongst the frames, where your patients can clearly see that you carry that brand.

Now put 15 of that brands most beautiful sunglasses, in the locking showcase directly next to the contempora-euro-display3ophthalmic frames and you will give yourself the best opportunity to make a multiple sale of both the prescription frame and the sunglasses.

Sunglasses are often an impulse buy and if you present your patient with the opportunity to try on both the Rx frame and the sunglass, there is a good chance they’ll buy both.

Either of these frame displays or a mixture of both of them, coupled with a great choice of fitting table designs and other styles of locking showcases, will give your optometry office the furniture choices necessary to create the ‘WOW’ factor you need to become the competition in your area.

Give your staff the tools to help them grow your practice and it will amaze you when you realize the potential your business has for new growth.