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Modular Design Systems Inc. is a Design Firm that specializes in Optometric Offices and Retail Optical stores. We have 37 years of design experience, exclusively in the Optical Industry. We give you and your competent staff the tools necessary to help build your business.


Sophisticated Knowledgeable Space Planning:

The single most important aspect of the design  process is the Space Plan. First and foremost, the office has to flow. It has to function, day in day out. Your staff has to move around the office with ease. Their constant travel throughout the office has to be easy, hassle free, without bottlenecks and in as few steps in any direction as possible.

Complete Construction Plans for Permit Application:

The Construction Plans are the nuts and bolts of what is required to build out the office. Required for all permit applications, the Construction Plans supply all the necessary information for the walls and ceiling to be built. Construction Plans are needed to allow you to get the necessary quotes to make an informed decision as to which Contractor you will choose to build your dream office! The Electrical Plan supplies the electrical and lighting requirements for each room and every work center throughout the office. The Partition Plan gives the contractor all measurements and specifications for every wall to be built and the various door and hardware type required. The Reflected Ceiling Plan lays out the ceiling grid , ceiling height and pinpoints lighting, heating/AC diffusers, return air grills, sprinkler heads and any other architectural details about the ceiling and how it’s to be built. Additional pages include: Design Details for the Entrance Vestibule, Bulkhead Design, Architectural Elements and Flooring Layout.

Custom Furniture Design:

We are designers of Custom Made Furniture and we are always on the lookout for opportunities to create new and exciting furniture designs. Give us the criteria  and we will make your ideas a reality.

Creating a Corporate Image:

Image is everything!  Instead of trying to beat the competition, we will help you to be better than the competition. We can create an exclusive look for your office or your group of offices, that will set you well above your competition.

Interior Decorating:

We create exciting space to grow your business in. The use of unique and exciting materials, colors and textures, will plant a seed in your patients mind that they won’t have to go anywhere else for their eye care needs. We help you to capture the vast majority of all your patients for all of your services.

Colors and Material Presentation Boards:

When all the decisions are made, we bring it altogether in a beautifully presented sample board that will help you to see and feel what everything is going to look like when it comes together. The board will have samples of Counter Laminates, Cabinetry Stains, Ceramic Floor Tile and Carpeting or Hardwood Flooring.  Included also, are Wall Covering such as Cultured Stone or Vinyl and Paint Samples as well as Upholstery samples for all the various chairs and stools throughout the office. As well as a Paint Schedule, which will tell your Contractor’s painter where each and every colour will go throughout the office.

Liaison to Your Contractor of Choice:

We will be constantly available to you and anyone involved in the completion of your project. We will answer any and all questions regarding the project and act as trouble shooters, when tough decisions have to. Throughout the entire project, we are always only a phone call or e-mail away and will act responsibly on your behalf to make your project go as smoothly as possible.