Dr. Nish Rajani – Case Study

Eye Care Centre of Don Mills

Dr. Karen Cobean, Dr. Nish Rajani, Optometrists

Drs. Karen Cobean and Nish Rajani took over the practice of another Optometrist, in the Don mills area of North York. The office was attractive in its day and successful. They built upon that success and would have probably continued in that location for years to come.

They were however forced to move out of the building, as it became part of a major overhaul of the area they were located in and their building was scheduled for demolition.

The new concept for the area known as Don Mills Center, was to create a very special kind of shopping area, to become known as the shops of Don Mills. This new shopping complex was unique in every way and hoped to capture a very upscale and exclusive clientele.

They would face competition from a new Lenscrafters, Sunglass Hut and a couple of independent Opticians. The Shops of Don Mills is surrounded by a very affluent community and is located directly adjacent to ‘The Bridal Path’ which is probably one of the wealthiest communities anywhere.

The intention of our design was to capture that market. For Karen and Nish to set themselves up as the obvious choice for complete eye care. To be the competition and to give no reason for a single patient to go elsewhere for their eye glasses and contact lenses.

The use of rich wood stains, sumptuous wall colors, unique carpeting, porcelain floor tiles, curved, cultured stone accents walls, a matching curved reception desk and rounded corners throughout the office completed the look and feel they were after.

With the office located along a busy corridor, including four dynamic dental and medical offices, we felt the position of the Frame Dispensary to be of paramount importance, since everyone exiting the elevator, has to pass by the entrance doors to the office.

The office front is an expansive wall of glass to glass doors and virtually every person entering and leaving the building has to pass by that facade. In passing, they are treated to a gorgeous view into a very dynamic dispensary.

The new office now carries frame lines that cater to the wealth of the surrounding community and The Modular Display System allows the office to clearly and concisely show off the exotic frame lines they carry.