Dr. Lisa Fung – Case Study

Dr. Fung opened her first office in the small town of Keswick, just north of Newmarket. Lisa, designed her first office and had it built by her brother in law, a general contractor at the time. Over the next eleven years, Lisa built a successful practice, in spite of having a trendy little retail optical store for competition.

Faced with out growing the space, taking on an associate OD and wanting to capture her share of the growth in the community around her, Lisa approached Modular Design Systems to design her new office.

Having found an ideal space for the new office, the next question was what approach to take. We felt the new office should appeal to a new and growing young community, without scaring people off by being too nice or too upscale.

Another issue was growing competition, which, in addition to the small retail optical, now included a new Walmart optical.

We felt that Dr. Fung, should not try to compete with Walmart or anyone else, but rather be the competition. Since Dr. Fung was already seeing a significant share of the population, our job was to create an office that allowed Lisa and her competent staff to retain the vast majority of her patients for all of her services.

We felt the office should be tasteful, warm and inviting. The reception desk needed to have a ‘Wow’ factor to it and the optical frame dispensary had to immediately plant a seed in the minds of her patients, that they didn’t have to go anywhere else. We felt if we accomplished this, Dr. Fung’s practice would have nowhere to go, but up!!!

With beautiful display cabinets and our patented display system, we created a frame dispensary that is large and attractive enough to give patients the choice of browsing for their next pair of glasses, rather than reading a magazine.

This, coupled with a dynamic choice of optical frames and sunglasses, the MDS display system allows Dr. Fung to identify the wonderful brands of optical frames she carries.

Dr. Fung’s frame dispensary, presents the optical frames, in all their beautiful colors and features, beautifully lit, with maximum exposure to the patients entering the office or sitting in the waiting room.

Dr. Fung’s dispensing went up and up and up and her practice still continues to grow very nicely.