Dr. Areef Nurani – Case Study

Dr. Nurani’s second office was designed by Modular Design Systems in 1998. Located in an area of Scarborough, Ontario, that was middle class at best, so the office was designed to be very attractive, without scaring patients into thinking it was an expensive place to buy their glasses.

The style of furniture was a little more traditional and the colours were kept neutral, to send out the message that this is a nice comfortable place, that will take care of all aspects of your eye care.

It wasn’t a big office to begin with, but Dr. Nurani had built a nice practice in his first office, with good growth and hoped to improve upon that growth, by moving into a new, much nicer office, that would flow better and give his competent staff the necessary tools to work with, that would help to grow the practice.

In a relatively short period of time, Dr. Nurani outgrew his second office and approached MDS to design a third office. The new office, now located in a significantly more prominent and more upscale area.

Located in the Clearview Eye Care and Laser Center, the office of Ophthalmologist – Dr. Kranemann. The upper floor of this split level building is designated to the Laser treatment center and the lower floor, to the separate offices of both Dr. Nurani and Dr.

The intention and focus of this office design, was to upgrade it into a middle to high end practice. Dr. Nurani wanted to eliminate a segment of his practice, associated with the old location, while attracting a whole new audience. The new office, would now be located in a middle to upper middle class neighbourhood and Dr. Nurani wanted to capture that new market.

Using richer materials, a wonderful array of warm colors, a soothing waterfall and a beautiful aquarium, the new office has the spa like feel Dr. Nurani was hoping to achieve.

Well! It has worked beautifully and has given Dr. Nurani the kind of image he always hoped he could achieve. The first office by Modular Design Systems, gave Dr. Nurani a 400% increase in dispensing in the first three years. He is now four years in his new office and he has seen a 50% increase in his practice.