Capture their interest immediately and keep it with a Flex Eyewear Display.

flex eyewear dispensing frame displayThe Frame Gallery in an optometrist’s office, accounts on average for roughly 50% of its potential sales. But what if you could increase that figure to 70%, 80% or 90%? You actually can, using a very simple strategy: Don’t give your patients a reason to leave your office after their exam is over. You’ve provided them with the best possible eye care. Now surround them with a beautiful environment in which to buy the glasses they need.

It even begins when they arrive. While they’re waiting for their eye exam, they see the frames imaginatively displayed in a way that shows off the brands of eyewear you carry. Instead of reading a magazine or watching a TV monitor, they’ll want to get up and have a look at the displays. By the time they go for their eye exam, they’ve often already chosen their new frames. Your office will truly become a one-stop shop for quality eyecare.

Capitalize on a state-of-the-art dispensary

Optometrists Dr. Karen Cobean and Dr. Nish Rajani, of the Eye Care Centre of Don Mills, have experienced firsthand the success of incorporating an alluring Flex Eyewear Display in their office setting. When planning a move to their second optometric office location, which caters to an exclusive Toronto neighbourhood – the Bridal Path – they decided to display the eyewear brands they carry in the most attractive way possible. Imagine, some of the frames they sell cost $1000 to $1500.

Their return on investment has been astronomical, due in a large part to their decision to use the Flex Eyewear Display System throughout the retail area of their office. The system is designed by Brian Wolcovitch, Designer of Optometric Offices, Modular Design Systems. Here’s his advice to optometrists who have a wonderful location, but have yet to optimize their dispensary area:

“You’ve won the lottery, but haven’t picked up your winnings. To pick up those winnings, the formula is very simple, put in a state-of-the-art Frame Gallery, one that has exceptional lighting, attractive furniture and includes the Flex Eyewear Display System.”

To better understand the point Brian is making, treat yourself to this video tour of the Eye Care Center at the Shops of Don Mills:

The power of attraction

As Drs. Cobean and Rajani discovered, the Flex Eyewear Display System creates an immediate impact. When patients enter the office, they walk through or by the dispensary on their way to the diagnostic area. In this retail space, they experience a truly stunning environment, where frames jump off the boards, beautifully lit, dynamically displayed and showcasing the variety of brands carried.
When patients finish their eye exam, they come back through the dispensary on their way out. Once again, the Flex Eyewear Display attracts their imagination and their buying power. It’s hard to resist selecting a pair of frames from the selection offered if they need a pair of glasses, or a second pair of glasses, rather than going elsewhere to make their purchase.

This even applies to sunglasses. If they love Prada designer eye glasses, for example, then they see the Prada sunglasses in close proximity, chances are they will buy both the sunglasses and the ophthalmic glasses on the same visit. If not immediately, the seed has been planted to come back at a later date to purchase them.

The Flex Eyewear Display has that kind of impact. No other display offers this market-proven degree of sales success.

Giving you more branding flexibility

When you partner with us, we work closely with you and your staff on how to set up the Flex Eyewear Display System in a way that provides you with more flexibility in branding new eyewear product lines in exciting ways. Not only can you find examples on our website of how to display your eyewear, we also provide a constant liaison with your staff.

Brian also suggests that:

“You may already have nice furniture and good lighting and only be missing the Flex Eyewear Display System. We can adapt the system to your furniture or if you are in the process of having furniture made or just starting the design process. Talk to us about lighting as well as manufacturing our system to complement your display furniture.”

And it doesn’t stop there. We can suggest marketing and branding tips for setting up posters and the brand identification for your displays. We always ask if there is one or more creative staff members who can change up the displays regularly, to constantly make the Frame Gallery look attractive. Your staff will have a virtual playground for exploring new ways to imaginatively display the products and brands you carry.

We get a lot of feedback from people who just love the fact that they can change the displays anytime they want. They now feel they have the tools to consistently promote the brands they carry whenever and whenever they want to.

Next steps

Check out our site to see the different ways that the Flex Eyewear Display System is set up in optometric offices. Then give us call us to book a free consultation. We’re happy to come to your office. We’ll provide an overview of what’s involved in the installation of the system, answer any questions you have, and supply references upon request. We look forward to helping you grow your revenue by treating your customers to an eyewear display second to none.