Bedford Eyecare - Dr. Toby MandelmanDo you go far enough in your frame dispensary?

Does it ‘POP’?

Is there a ‘WOW’ factor to it?

How well do you SHOW OFF the frame lines you carry in your dispensary?

The right answers to questions like these will result in better sales more often!

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

An office I recently visited had a Suggestion Box on the reception desk. The staff was tasked with asking the patients to fill out a questionnaire. The only thing they were asking on the questionnaire was ‘Why are you going elsewhere to buy your glasses?’

The response from the patients of this office was uniform and so consistent, it was like a broken record: “We don’t know what frames you carry!” “ We never see anything different from visit to visit.”

I since learned that this office dispenses to well under the industry average.

How well you show off the frame lines you carry and how often you change the settings of your frames will have a profound affect on your bottom line. That’s a fact!

If you consider the industry average is 50% or 5 out of 10, that is how many patients that can be dispensed to, that are being dispensed to.

Now imagine, if you could find a way to increase that percentage by one patient per day, based on 200 working days per year, it could represent $30 to $35,000 K per year in new revenue. Two patients per day, double that. A two doctor office, double it again.

Extrapolate the low end of that, over the next 5 to 10 years and you’ve increased your revenue by $175,000.00 to $350,0000.00.

Frame Displays for Optometric OfficesHow do you accomplish this?

Be more CREATIVE in how you present the Frame lines you carry?

Find more DYNAMIC ways to show off your frames?

Better lighting is always a good place to start.

Display furniture has to have dynamic lighting! Frames are miniature works of art for the eyes. Frames are wonderfully colourful and detailed, but you need good even light to bring those things out.

Some frames are so dynamic in their color and shapes, that you should have ways of showing them off, in effect isolating them and directing attention to them, in a manor of speaking.

Not an easy task to accomplish in most optometric dispensaries, but well worth looking into.
Perhaps it can be as simple as having an island display cabinet built and then positioning it on the path of travel to the examination rooms, but adjacent to the frame dispensary and within easy view of the waiting room.

How to get that “WOW” factor

I recommend finding a place to strategically place a ‘thinlight’ transparency box that would allow you to put a large format translit poster in it. You could then bring attention to a specific product line you might want to highlight, with a dynamic facial image.

One thing is for sure, the acrylic frame bar and all of the vertical metal frame bars don’t cut it. The Acrylic rod is too busy, it shows off a bunch of frames, with no ability to highlight any of them, plus, empty spaces or broken shelves, make it look like you’ve had a sale going on.

The metal versions of these frame rods are even worse, because they over power the frame with the dominance of all the metal, especially if they are the locking type metal bars.

Really, glass shelves or the MDS display system are the better – best ways to display frames. At least with glass shelves the frame can be displayed temples open, so as not to interfere with the shape of the frame.

Properly lit, frames can be much more dynamic. Glass shelves are better, you can put logo blocks or colourful accents to direct a little more attention to a frame.

The MDS frame display system is the best way to display optical frames. It offers the most MDS Frame Displayvariety of ways to display optical frames in the market today.

It is adaptable to most optical display furniture. When it is lit properly, the dynamic shapes of frames you carry are beautifully shown off. The colors ‘pop’ and the ‘wow’ factor comes from the ability to put the posters and brand ID in amongst the frames, where they can have a powerful impact.

Your patients don’t have to guess at what frame lines you carry, they can see for themselves. They want to see them close up, to try them on. The result being more action in the dispensary. The bottom line, will be better sales more often.

If you have any questions about how to display your frames to get that “WOW” factor, please contact us.