Custom Optical Frame Display

Are you dispensing to 100% of the patients you can dispense to? If you are not, you are losing money and you could be overlooking the biggest investment you can make in future earnings?

Does Your Frame Dispensary do all that it can do for you as an earning center?

You may be shocked to know that the frame dispensary can be overwhelmingly one of the biggest earning centers in your office and yet, it is the least Invested in.

Where are you within the industry average? The industry average is 50% That is, out of every ten patients that can be dispensed to, the majority of Optometrists dispense to only five!!! This also means that there are a lot of Optometrists that dispense to even less than that! So you must agree the potential for new income is tremendous!!!

Investing in a new State of the Art Dispensary is one of the safest investments you can possibly make and you are investing in yourself. Your practise is something tangible, proven and safe!!!

It is easy to invest in the things you have to, in order to practice Optometry. Most Optometrists willingly invest the necessary dollars to buy topnotch instrumentation for their exam rooms and pre-test areas and they should! These are the tools necessary for great eye care!

But when it comes to dispensing, most Optometrists put very little thought or money into their frame dispensary. Which is an amazing oversight, when you consider the Eyeglass Dispensary has the potential to produce a phenomenal amount of income for most optometrists. Plus it is easy income to earn!

At your current income per patient, if you were to retain just one patient per day, more than you are currently dispensing to, based on two hundred working days in a year, it represents a minimum of $26,000.00 in new income per year. This is a fact! If that is all improved your dispensing by, it is still a 600% increase over the next ten years.

It is also a fact that our dispensaries retain seven to nine patients out of ten that can be dispensed to. A dispensary of our design will give you and your competent staff the necessary tools to help your practice retain the vast majority of your patients for all of your services. Just imagine that or better yet, just do the math!

Our formula is highly successful, very lucrative and surprisingly simple! Don’t give your patients a single reason to go elsewhere! Renovate your dispensary now and reap the financial rewards that will be automatically available to you. Just call us!!!